age 99*
born: 1898
Lockhart, Texas
Cook for the Men's Faculty Club
The University of Texas at Austin
"We lived on a farm-that many children (17) - you couldn't make it no other way but farming. Had 100 bales of cotton sometimes that would grow and vegetables. We grew all the vegetables we ate and hogs and cattle. We had a good living - it was a real good living. I was brought up on plenty to eat. My mother was such a good cook. My grandmother was a good cook, too - she was in slavery, you know. When you think about that, you be so thankful to God that He brought you out from under it."

You worked as a cook at the University of Texas, didn't you?

"Yeah, I worked as a cook. I loved it. I like cooking. I loved it cause I could buy what I wanted to cook - I had that opportunity. I put 'em up some high food."

Did you mind coming here (to the nursing home)?

"No, I didn't mind because I didn't have anybody to take care of me. I had to have somebody to take care of me."

Are you lonely here?

"No, I'm not lonely. I like it here 'cause they're nice to me here and I like it. They do everything for me."

What was the happiest time in your life?

"I was always happy at home with that big family. That's where the happiness came in 'cause we all had a good time together. We loved each other."

What was the hardest time?

"The hardest time I would have was when one of them (brothers or sisters) would die. That would hurt me so bad. I'm the only one left.....

I've always helped people. I haven't ever just sat down for myself. I've helped somebody - like last night. I couldn't go to sleep until I went over to see one of the sick people on another hall. I go to see her every day. Go on and do something for somebody besides yourself. It's bad to live just for yourself."

Do you worry about dying?

"No, I don't worry about dying. I just try to be good to people like I'd like them to be good to me. I love people. It doesn't matter to me what color or who it is."


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