age 99*
born: 1899
Piedras Negras, Mexico
occupation: teacher
" I was teaching most of my life. I had a certificate granted when I was seventeen."

When did you retire?

"I never retired."

Did you have some difficult times in your life?

"Oh I suppose everybody thinks they had a hard time."

How did you get through them?

"Oh you just keep on going-putting one foot after the other."

What's the best part of old age?

Well of course it's always interesting. There are so many angles. You can look back on things that people maybe thought weren't important and it develops that they were-that they were sort of building blocks."

What's the hardest part of old age?

"I suppose it's that you're not able to do for yourself."

What do you do in the nursing home?

" I read."

Why do you think you have lived so long?

"You inherit a certain stick-ability."


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