The Gathering of the Wisdom People
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The Gathering of the Wisdom People is presented by Rites of Passage, a not-for-profit agency whose mission is to provide education on death and dying and on aging through the arts: film, video,photography and music.This online version of The Gathering of the Wisdom People has given us a unique opportunity to combine music with the photographs and text. We have attempted to use a song for each person that in some way represents him or her: a favorite song , a song from a particular culture or one that seems to say something about that person. These songs [with two exceptions] are not original but the arrangements are and all the musicians are friends of Rites of Passage.

The video clips were taken from "Bringing the Circle Together", an award winning documentary available for purchase through our website.

*The ages given for the wisdom people represent their age at the time the exhibit was created.

The text for the eight wisdom people was typed exactly as it was written or spoken. I did not feel there fore, that it was appropriate to correct the grammatical errors.

The online exhibit is best viewed with Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer versions 4.0 or higher. To listen to the music and view the video clips, you will need Real Player which may be downloaded free from

The Gathering of the Wisdom People has traveled around the country to libraries, colleges and universities, churches and theaters. It is available at this time to be booked for other showings.

For more information on the work of Rites of Passage, please visit our website at or call us at 830-966-6170.


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