age 92*
born: 1905
Kendalia, Texas
occupation: homemaker
"When my husband and I married, we moved to Kerrville. Then my husband find a job at the V.A. hospital. So, we had to buy a tent to be close to the hospital. So, we got a beautiful place-beautiful trees and we set that tent close to the Guadalupe River. That was in 1924. I had my first baby there and then when I was pregnant for the second baby, then we moved. They had a better place to fix the tent because then we have a floor in the tent and a screen around for the mosquitoes and all of that.....No house because it was nothing but the Guadalupe River. They have no places for people to rent so we have to live in a tent if we gonna have a good job."

What's the most important thing about life?

"Well, for a younger girl, I can say experience. The best thing is if you're married and you got a good husband and you're happy, just live with it-live comfortable and happy and love each other very much. That's the main thing. If there's a lot of love, then you always make things go. Now these modern young people, they don't go like that. That's an old fashioned idea that we used to live."

Is there a good part of old age?

"It's wonderful, if you keep yourself busy. I love to crochet. I love to do quilting. I love to cook and so those things keep you happy, busy and content-if you keep yourself occupied, you're always happy. I always was content with my life."

People hardly ever are.

"No more, darlin', no more. People say how in the world you did it. I said, 'Well that's the way you make it.' It's dependent on the person I guess. But life is different now, honey. It's too modern."

Do you worry about dying?

"No, I'm not worrying about dying because I'm an old lady and any minute I said maybe the good Lord is going to knock at the door and say, 'You're ready.' Well okay, if the good Lord says I'm ready, then I'm ready. I still live by myself, but I love my prayers. I love my faith and my faith is with me everyday. A lot of people is afraid. They said maybe something is gonna happen to me. What am I gonna do by myself and everything. But I'm not see, I'm not. I always say, 'Well, God is with me,' and that's it."

Because you trust?



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