Born: 1908
age 89*
Berlin, Germany
occupation: shipbuilder
I am a European, born and raised in Germany by german parents. I went to a german school.

My feeling was-I was 100% german like my parents and grandparents. I could only speak one language (german) and I had a certain pride to be a citizen of a great country.

That was till I reached about 15 years of age. Warmongering Germany slid down fast and with it my life. This let down hit many Germans.

After I graduated from High School in 1926-Germany had lost World War 1 and that proud country was in a shambles.

No jobs were available, inflation started, all savings disappeared-no future for young Germans like me. I had a miserable time and starvation for most everybody.

Luckily I had a rich uncle in Leipzig, Germany who offered me a $100.00 cash and a one way ticket to New York City by ship. Uncle Martin had a business in N.Y. and would offer me a job.

I arrived in New York and was put to work in a raw skin merchant's place.I could not speak a usable english and had a very hard time in a strange land.

You may ask why did we all flee Germany?

Adolf Hitler became the leader of Germany with his Gangster associates.

Germany declared war against U.S.A. in 1941. Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.

American life had to change.

I was drafted into the U.S.A. Army-especially trained to fight Germany.

This war was my worst and happiest time in my life! It created a future for me and hard work and happiness! Let me explain this somewhat absurd statement!

After I had been inducted into the Army Engineer's group I had been transferred several times till the U.S. Military had full trust into my loyalty in U.S.A. and my knowledge of our german enemy. Under General Eisenhower's command I was sent into a reconnaissance unit to fight against front line troops, capture enemies and get information on enemies action and capabilities-a dangerous assignment. I only hoped for liberty or death!

In May 1945 the german army collapsed. Miraculously I was still alive.

For the next 27 years I worked for U.S. Navy, shipbuilding. as a civilian employee, nothing very exciting, but physically strenuous and tiring.

Weekends I liked to get out into open areas-hiking in the surroundings of N.Y. city and New Jersey.

One day I lead a group of hikers to a place in New Jersey. We met at the Ferryboat at the Hudson River, 13 girls showed up-no men at all. I still was single but not much longer! One of the 13 girls was Rose-we fell in love and four months later we got married-as plain and simple as that!

We both are the same age and enjoy ourselves as good as we can! I think I never had it as good as my 89th year!

To live here in a free country on a small U.S. pension, with a wonderful wife on top of a hill in great Texas!

I feel much at home here and as long as our health permits, we want to remain in our little home on top of a hill near God!



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